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Is the hull made out of fiber glass ?
Year, Make, Model of the boat ?
Total purchase price of the boat, motor, and equipment ?
Trailer Value
What is the boats maximum speed ?
What is the boats length in feet ?
Where is the boat used ?
What was the month and year that you purchased your boat ?
How many engines does the boat have ?
What is the make of the engine(s) ?
What is the horse power of the engine(s) ?
Permanent mooring of the boat
Inboared or Outboard Engine



Check all the equipment that you own.
VHF Radio CB Radio
Depth Finder Loran/Radar Compass
Security System/Burglar Alarm Bilge/Engine Blowers
Fume/Vapor Detector Stainless Steel Prop
Halon System  
Do you have a trolling motor, if yes what is the horse power, year and value.     
Is there any current damage to the boat ?    


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