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Motor Home Coverage Information


Covers your legal liability for property damage and bodily injury that you are legally responsible for as the result of an accident.
Covers damage to your motor home sustained as a result of an accident.
Sometimes referred to as "other than collision," this coverage pays for losses to a motor home from perils such as fire, vandalism, and theft.
Personal Effects:
Since collision and comprehensive insurance cover only the permanently attached items of a motor home, many owners add "personal effects" coverage to cover such things as cameras, clothing, cooking utensils, silverware, linens, dishes, fishing/sporting/vacation equipment, and other personal possessions incidental to the use of a motor home.
Uninsured Motorist:
Provides protection for bodily injury if another party is legally liable but does not have insurance. Some states require Uninsured Motorist Property Damage insurance, as well. Underinsured Motorist: Applies when the liable party's insurance is insufficient top pay for the extent of your bodily injury.
Medical Payments:
Pays your medical expenses, up to the limit of the coverage, for injuries sustained as a result of an auto accident.