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Watercraft Coverage Information


Covers your legal liability for property damage and bodily injury that you are legally responsible for as the result of an accident.
Watercraft and Equipment:
Pays for losses to your personal watercraft from collision and other perils, such as sinking, fire, vandalism and theft.
Watersports Liability:
Covers Bodily Injury and Property Damage caused by you while the insured watercraft is being used for water-skiing, aqua-planing or any similar sport.
Covers your trailer used for transporting your personal watercraft for loss due to collision and from "other than collision" perils.
Accessories (optional):
Since watercraft and equipment insurance covers only the stock watercraft itself, many owners add "accessory coverage" to protect custom equipment.
Medical Payments:
Pays your medical expenses, up to the limit of the coverage, for injuries suffered as a result of using your watercraft